What about cancellation due to weather?
 If roads are fair and our brewery partners are open, we make every effort to run our tours as scheduled. In the event of inclement weather, the decision to cancel will be made by Brew Tours Staff at least 24 hours before the date of the tour. Should you wish to reschedule due to inability to travel during inclement weather, within 72 hours of your tour date, we will offer to extend our $25 per person date change fee. In the event of a cancellation by Brew Tours Staff, you will receive a full refund. If a tour is not cancelled by Brew Tours Staff, and you choose not to reschedule with the added date change fee, no refunds will be provided.
Are there any other fees I may incur?
All of our prices are inclusive of transportation, guide, beer and food. If you feel your guide was great we recommend you leave him/her a gratuity of $10-$15 pp (~12%). In the event additional cleaning is needed to make our vehicle suitable for our next guests or you intentionally damage any of our property, we reserve the right to bill you for the cost of such repair or cleaning. Cleaning fees may be up to $200 depending on the level of soiling and the time, effort and tools needed to rectify the situation. Damages to our vehicles or property will be billed at whatever the cost is, up to the level of our insurance deductible, plus a 10% administrative charge for your willful misconduct. Your attendance on this tour agrees to these terms associated with your ticket.
Could my tour get cancelled?
Not likely, but it's possible. In the event of severe weather or a lack of tour-goers, the tour may be canceled. If there are less than four (4) seats booked for a tour, that tour may be subject to cancellation (so bring all of your friends and family)! If there are less than four (4) seats booked for a tour, we will notify you 48 hours prior to your tour and try to reschedule you to an alternate date/time. If you can’t reschedule, you will receive a full refund.
What are the minimum number of people for a tour run?
All Philly Brew Tours need a minimum of 4 people to run.
What should I wear?
We don’t have a dress code, however please make sure you wear CLOSED TOE SHOES.  No Sandals!
Is tip for your beer guide included in the price?
We only include a pre-paid gratuity for groups of 4 or more people @$10pp (Approx. 12%).  If you think your guide was great, we suggest $10-15pp.
Can I book a tour the morning of?
If there are seats available, you absolutely can!  Please call us to inquire about availability 215-866-2337
Where should I park if I am driving to the pick up spot?
We suggest parking at the Autopark @ the Gallery Mall at 44 North 9th Street. Rates: For Up to 12 Hours - $19, if you enter after 4PM the rate is only $8. Please see the website for more information about parking rates. AutoParking @ Gallery Mall (4 min walk form the pick up)
How long are the tours?
Tours are approximately 5 hours.
What’s included in the price?
Tours are ALL INCLUSIVE! The tour price includes up to 15+ different beers (ranging from 3-16 ounces), a beer food pairing meal, brewery entrance fees, brewery gratuity, and round trip transportation from Reading Terminal.
What time and where is my pick-up?
The brew van will arrive @ 1277 Fillbert St Philadelphia PA 19107 (across from the across from Maggiano's, on the Marriott side of the street. tours will depart on time. we suggest arriving at the pickup 10 minutes before your tour time. if guests are not at the pickup location at time of departure, the bus will leave with out you  
How much do our tours cost?
 The Original Brew Tour: $85PP  The After Hours Brew Tour: $90PP  Private Tours are available upon request
How do I book a tour?
Click Tickets in our main navigation. Then choose which Philly Brew Tour you’d like to book. Select a date, then fill out all the necessary information, and that’s pretty much it.  Please call us if you have any difficulty booking a tour. 215-866-2337 (BEER)